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Diabetes - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetes - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus in Greek means “to flow, honey”, Diabetes is a very widespread disease and very fatal if not treated properly. It affects the ability of the body to produce insulin, a hormone that allows the blood glucose to enter the cells and be used for energy. Once you get this disease, it is impossible to get away from it. You have to keep the sugar levels in check once you are affected with diabetes. There are different types of diabetes, namely:

Type 1, where the body produces less or no insulin at all.

Type 2, where in the insulin produced in insufficient to maintain the blood sugar levels normal.

And Gestational diabetes, which is developed in women during pregnancy.

The causes of diabetes vary, such as: the pancreas produces insufficient or no insulin at all, the body fat and muscles do not respond to the insulin produced and it may also be caused due to hereditary. Some of the common symptoms of diabetes are: fatigue, dizziness, weight loss, sensation of weakness, frequent urination, drop in body temperature, spasms or numbness of muscles, slow healing of wounds and so on. There are various tests to make out the blood sugar levels. Using these values, appropriate diet and medications will be provided.

For treating diabetes, it is best to consult the doctor as soon as you find the symptoms in you. The treatment should be started with a review of their lifestyle and diets along with some proper exercising. Consult your doctor so that the blood sugar can be reduced with certain medications, change in diets and exercising. If the blood sugar levels do not reduce, then you may be advised to take insulin shots. The main goals of treatment are to have a prolonged life and reduced symptoms. There are various complications that might result from diabetes such as kidney failure, heart disease and amputation of limbs as well. A balanced diet will help you to keep the blood sugar levels normal. There are certain precautions which help you to keep your blood sugar levels normal to be followed such as avoiding the intake of sugar and sweet products, avoiding intake of rice and proper exercising.

Here is some Tips for Diabetic. You can follow it.


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