Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Tips for Diabetic Foot-Care


Tips for Diabetic Foot-Care

The risk of infections is more in diabetic people especially foot infection. So, if you are suffering from diabetes, then you have to take proper care or extra care of your feet. A study has shown that almost one in every five diabetic patients is hospitalized for foot infections. Even small cuts or scratches can become fatal if it is not noticed and treated properly. Prevention is always better than cure.

If the injuries are left unnoticed, it may lead to an increased level of calluses which thicken and break and creates ulcers. The poor blood circulation hinders the ability of the body to fight the infection and heal the wound. Even nerve damage may result in the loss of sensation. If the infection spreads enormously, hospitalization may be required and sometimes, it may end up in amputation of the foot.

The various tips for the foot care include:

  • Check your feet regularly for any blisters, redness, cuts, swelling, cracks and any color changes. Any such problem must be reported to your doctor immediately and always avoid self treatment of self medication.
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes and other footwear. Always wear footwear that is considerably loose.
  • Keep your feet clean. Clean in between your toes and cut your nail regularly.
  • Always wear footwear when you go out or even when at home. Avoid walking barefoot.
  • Prevent cracking of your feet which occurs with change of seasons. Apply any foot care cream or petroleum jelly.
  • Sit in the correct posture. Do not cross your legs which limit the blood circulation and may create swelling.
  • Bath with warm water and not with very hot water or very cold water. Also avoid applying heat pads to your feet.
  • Have sufficient amount of exercise to your body so that the circulation in your body is improved. Consume a high fiber, low fat diet regularly.
  • If you have dry skin on your feet, apply lotion. But avoid applying lotion in between your toes as it might spread bacteria.
  • Never ignore if you have irritation of any kind in your foot and report to your doctor immediately.
  • Avoid smoking, as smoking hinders blood circulation in your body.


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