Saturday, April 17, 2021

Anger Management

Anger Management:

Anger is often referred to the psychological feeling where the person in anger status tends to harm others to satisfy themselves. The anger management is the exercises or techniques that the person must follow when in anger to reduce or control the anger and it’s after effects. The anger management steps or techniques will ensure you that your stress levels are reduced and improve your relationship with family, friends and colleagues as well.

There are various signs which show that you are in anger or which makes you angry such as: body aches, yelling or screaming, sarcasm, revenge fantasies, arguing, avoiding others, isolation from others, becoming silent, denial about your behavior, becoming violent, compulsive spending, eating or cleaning or even sex and so on. Recognize how you show your anger with the signs mentioned. If possible track down the cause for your anger like the situation or the person involved.

There are various tips to Anger Management, such as:

  • Focus on managing anger and stay calm.
  • Listen completely when you are in a situation which might lead to your disagreement and try to understand the situation from others’ viewpoint.
  • Stay objective about the situation when you are in disagreement and try not to take it personally. It is an indication of maturity and helps you have healthier relationships.
  • Wait and do not react immediately. People in anger tend to react immediately without taking any reaction time. When you are about to let your anger out, take some time to think of the consequences and then react accordingly.
  • Stop getting angry at situations on which you do not have any control over it.
  • Try talking about your problems with someone you feel safe. This is a very powerful technique where you can check whether they have any idea to suggest you to come out of the situation.
  • If you had come across the same situation, learn a new way of dealing with it. Even this is an effective tip for anger management.
  • Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or yoga can also help in anger management.
  • Do not fight with the person, no matter who created the argument and always be the first to forgive in such a situation. This helps you to reduce your anger levels.
  • If possible try to understand the other person and analyze why he reacted like that with you or why he spoke like that against you. This helps you in anger management.
  • Stay passionate, be creative in reacting and always avoid repeating your feeling when you are in anger.
  • you can try Yoga for Anger Management


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