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The 2010 BMW X5 M is not an SUV that you could use for the day-to-day life. The BMW is one of the fastest producing SUV’s all around the world. The BMW X5 M is the first attempt by the makers to combine a forced induction engine with a 8-cylinder, 4.4 liter, and twin turbo V8 engine giving a torque of 501 ft-lbs and horsepower of 555hp. Even with the most controlled settings, the X5M feels so strong and muscular in the full M mode. The thick steering wheel gives lot of grip and support to your hand and the strong tires offer a great road grip while driving. It is priced at USD84500.

BMW X5 M Specifications:

  • Measures at 191×78.5×69.5 inches (LWH).
  • The wheel base measures an amazing 115.5 inches.
  • It weighs approximately 6405 pounds.
  • The maximum seating capacity is five and has an AWD type of driving.
  • It is 8-cylinder engine with an engine size of 4.4 liters and a V8 type of engine with a horsepower of 555hp and a torque of 501ft-lbs.
  • The maximum tank capacity is 22.5 gallons.
  • The average mileage of X5 M is 14 mpg.


The exterior design brings the aggression and the sporty feel of M design of an SUV. The front design of the car shows the muscular characteristics and there are big vents present in the front surrounding the main grille. Earlier the M badge was reserved only for sedans and coupes; it is the first time the M badge has been given to this class of vehicle. Four pipes stick out at the rear end to confirm the M class.

The interior design is very attractive with special features. The cabins are more elegant than any other cars made by its makers. The interior has crystal clear instrumentation and high quality materials constructed very accurately. The X5 M has the latest iDrive interface a hard-drive-based navigation system with real-time traffic. with more user friendly buttons and a simple yet sensible menu structure. The interiors have ambient lighting and a dual-zone automatic climate control. Bluetooth enabled system and a 12-speaker CD/MP3 stereo. The X5 M sports a joystick like gear selector. The interior is leather covered with a two-toned feel of Carbon leather and Silverstone Merino leather. A leather finished dash board can be selected. The seats lack adjustability without the side bolsters.

The options include heated steering wheel and additional rear seats. A rearview camera and a head-up display can be an added option. A six-DVD changer along with an iPod/USB adapter and a 16-speaker sound system with satellite radio is another option. The other options are Climate controller, keyless entry or ignition, a power liftgate, a rear-seat entertainment system and towing preparation.


The power delivery of the X5 M is very smooth and soft which does not give you any strain while driving. Initially it might force your head against the head rest when you apply heavy acceleration. But, the X5 M is not jumpy unlike the other big SUV’s when you first press the pedal most probably as it is a forced injection type of engine. The X5 M sports a 6-speed auto gear shift mainly for a maximum power output and reach high speeds. The X5 M makes exhaust notes while it shifts the gears. If you want to race from the start of the signal, there us a launch control and sports auto selection that will give you a racing feel.

High tech navigation system is provided with an integrated all-view camera in the X5 M. The wide screen display is provided which can be used for GPS navigation or while parking. The display also shows other information such as torque distribution, stability control system, ABS breaking, acceleration via the Dynamic Performance control system. The engine never feels like it is strained and rolls through pretty quickly. The muscular V8 engine will get you reached 60mph within 5 seconds, approximately 4.7 seconds with a towing capacity of 6600 pounds.

The iDrive controller updates the electronics and can select the menu items on the LCD display of the car. There are quick access buttons for audio, navigation etc. The controller allows you to program the various features such as stability control, suspension etc. for better performance through the LCD display. With applying high acceleration, you are sure to hit back at your seats.

The 6-speed automatic transmission is disappointing as there is no manual mode and no dual clutch gearbox. The speed rises very quickly in the X5 M. But, the surprise package was the cornering. The X5 M could rotate in the corners unlike the other SUVs. The handling features have been a big improvement with improved technology to keep the vehicle under your control. For safety, the X5 M comes with ABS, stability control, dual front airbags and front and read side curtain airbags along with head restraints.

The Bottom-Line:

The BMW X5 M has a huge package of technology in it for better performance and safety on the road. The navigation system is hard-drive based which is an attractive feature that include satellite viewing and dynamic routing system. The hard drive reserves 15GB of space for music storage.

The fuel efficiency has been disappointing with an effort to provide high power. The coloration of the maps in navigation system is poor and hardly readable. The absence of rear seats is also a dislike for a few.

Ultimately, the BMW X5 M is technically marvelous but is a bad choice for day-to-day usage due to the poor fuel economy. The iDrive controller allows you to control and customize the settings of the car for better performance.

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