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Eczema - Home Remedies

Eczema - Home Remedies:

Eczema is a very annoying skin condition which is also known as dermatitis. It normally results as formation of pustules on the skin. It is just a skin disorder and is very much curable. It involves various types of skin disorders and occurs in infants as well as adults. But it is more serious in infants as the resistance is very less. Sometimes there is discharge of a clear liquid from the infected area.

The various causes include allergies, varicose veins, faulty metabolism, change in weather conditions, nutritional deficiency, failure of the body system to remove toxins etc. The common symptoms include: itchiness, redness, dry or flaky skin, formation of blisters, bumps on forehead and swelling or pain in the affected area. if it occurs in the skin folds, it is intolerable and more severe.

The eczema can be cured in many ways using the natural or home remedies. But consulting your doctor is the best way of treating. A few home remedies include:

  • Apply coconut oil on the affected area. The skin remains soft and hence gives a comforting feeling.
  • A mud pack will also be helpful in treating eczema.
  • Sunbathing will help in destroying the bacteria causing eczema.
  • Prepare a paste using 1tsp or camphor and sandalwood and apply on the affected area.
  • Cold compressing the affected area helps in treating eczema.
  • Prepare a paste of 1tbsp of turmeric powder and bitter neem leaves and apply this on the affected areas.
  • Avoid contact with soaps and other chemicals.
  • Apply spearmint leaves to the affected area. This is a very useful home remedy in treating eczema.
  • Consume food rich in minerals. This helps in healing eczema fast. Also avoid spicy food, radish, cucumber, nuts, ice creams and cold drinks. Consume juices like mange, orange, carrot will help in curing eczema.
  • Use warm water for bathing and use soft towel for drying.
  • Avoid contact with dust and stay in dust-free environment. Keep your surroundings clean and dust-free.

There are many other treatment remedies other than this. These methods are pretty effective and hence can see the results very soon. Follow these remedies in treating eczema.

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