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Food Allergy-Symptoms and Treatments

Food Allergy-Symptoms and Treatments

The food allergy is nothing but the immune reaction towards some type of food. It is a reaction to the foreign antigen that is most of the times a protein. There are various symptoms that occur when you are intolerable towards certain food items such as itching sensation in skin, stomach upset, burning sensation is stomach etc. many people are allergic to eggs, nuts, milk and sea foods.

The main cause for food allergy has been the proteins that are in the food that cause certain allergic reactions in the human body. The main symptoms include swelling in the mouth, itching sensation, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, wheezing etc. Some other symptoms include sneezing, cough, headaches, earaches, speech problems and so on. Anaphylaxis is one of the allergic reactions that can become life-threatening if not properly treated.

Once you know that you are allergic to such kinds of food items, be careful and take precautions that you do not consume such foods again. There are two ways of treating allergy. One way is to avoid the allergen and the other way is symptomatic therapy. The avoidance of allergen can be done once the type of food allergen is diagnosed. If the allergen is not yet diagnosed then the symptomatic therapy is used to cure food allergy. People who are sensitive to anaphylaxis are advised to carry injections with them such as epinephrine injections. There are certain unproven techniques such as allergy shots where the individual is given small quantity shots of the food type that he is allergic to. Another unproven method is putting a diluted solution under your tongue for about half an hour to neutralize the food into you. However these are all unproven methods.


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