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Benefits of Turmeric-A Natural Herb

Benefits of Turmeric-A Natural Herb

Worried about wrinkles? Apply a mixture of turmeric and milk around the eyes keep it for five to seven minutes and wash off with cold water. Continue this process on alternate days it will reduce the dark circles and fine lines from your skin.

Turmeric is a natural healer having end number of benefits. Rich in its nutritional values, it has got anti-bacterial properties. It is mainly used as a spice in food by Asians since time immemorial.

Curcumin present in the rhizomes, ground roots of turmeric is an active ingredient which helps in fighting diseases like cancer. Besides, it helps in treating digestive disorders, arteriosclerosis and osteoarthritis. Researchers have proved that curcumin retards the progression of HIV.  It reduces the risk of childhood leukemia.

For those who are overweight it acts as a fat metabolism and helps in reducing weight. Applying turmeric on your skin enhances the complexion of the skin. It is imbued with multiple qualities from balancing cholesterol level, fighting against allergies to boosting up the immune system of the body. During diarrhea it is advised to take ½ tsp mixed with water three times per day. And for anemic patients doctors prescribe 1 tsp of turmeric mixed with honey daily.

Turmeric mainly cures skin, heart, liver and lungs but the curcumin present in it can act on different parts of the body at the same time. But there are some side effects as well. There are two facets of a coin, in the same way in some areas where it adds to our benefits at the same may be detrimental to us. Likewise continuous use of turmeric can affect the gall bladder and cause gastro intestinal problems.

Turmeric is available in both powder and pill forms in the market. But in order to derive the best benefits of turmeric consume the extracts from its roots, in its fresh form. Fresh turmeric is also available in the market. Even today, in the rural areas it is found people apply a paste of turmeric and mustard oil to cure pain, repair fractures and wounds.

Being a natural herb it is used to treat a number of ailments. Although, the studies so far conducted were based on animals. It is high time to take initiative and emphasis should be laid to further the research on the properties of turmeric to cure cancer.

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