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Prostate Cancer - Causes And Treatments

Prostate Cancer - Causes And Treatments

The prostate glands are a part of the male reproductive system which is located in front of rectum and below the bladder and it stores the seminal fluid. The male hormones help in the proper functioning like bladder control and normal sexual functioning. The prostate cancer occurs in males and is the most common type of cancer. It cannot be detected in early stages as the symptoms are found in other diseases that are not that much serious. The risk of prostate cancer increases with age. The cancerous cells initially develop in the prostate and later spread to other parts of the body.

The causes for prostate cancer are still not known and researches are being made to detect the causes. However it varies from hormonal imbalance to genetic factors. The symptoms of prostate cancer include frequent urination or difficulty or inability in urinating, pain during ejaculation, burning feeling while urinating, blood in the semen or urine and frequent low-back pain or stiffness in back hips or thighs. Sometimes abdominal pain, weight loss and bone pain also occur.

Never neglect any of the above mentioned symptoms. The prostate cancer cannot be detected in the earlier stages. So it is better to consult your doctor as soon as you find the symptoms in you. The current researches show that it cannot be prevented, however it can be treated. There are various treatments methods that can be opted for treating prostate cancer.

  • The radical prostatectomy is a surgery where the whole gland is removed along with the surrounding tissue if the cancer has not spread out of the prostate glands.
  • The radiotherapy method is used to shrink or eliminate the cancerous cells by radiating X-rays at the prostate glands.
  • The traditional chemotherapy method is not effective on prostate cancer. However there are various drugs being developed using which the cancer can be treated. It can be used if the cancer has not spread out of the prostate glands.
  • The hormone therapy method can be used when the cancer has returned after using other treatments. It normally shrinks or reduces the growth rate of the cancer. It can also be used along with other treatment methods.

By using any of the above mentioned methods, you can be able to treat prostate cancer.

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