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Transferring Music from Ipod to Itunes

Transferring Music from Ipod to Itunes

iTunes is an effective tool that lets us sync music on our iPods to iTunes easily. However, exporting our iPod contents back to your Mac using iTunes is not possible. This will bring you a problem when you sync the iTunes to your iPod and if you had deleted your iPod even by mistake or by a firmware update. In that case you may need the help of a third party program like iPod to iTunes Sync to do the job. The inability to transfer or copy music files to your iTunes library from the iPod is one of the major failures of iTunes. An easier approach to transfer the songs from iPod to iTunes is by first transferring the songs to the system and then further transferring these songs to iTunes in the usual way.

Follow the below given steps to transfer music from your iPod to itunes. Make sure you install your computer with itunes.

  • Connect your iPod to computer using the USB cable. Computer may open instantly itunes and ask whether you want to sync your iPod. Then you have to click on NO.
  • The iPod will be detected as a drive on your computer. Open my computer.
  • You have to unhide files and folders by using the folder options in the tool bar.
  • In the iPod drive, a folder called ipod_control will be present. Open this folder and you will find: calendars, contacts, ipod_control, notes and photos.
  • Open the folder ipod_control and then open the music folder. Copy all the folders and paste it somewhere on the desktop. This contains the music that you wanted to transfer from your iPod.
  • Open the itunes and insert the copied desktop folder into the library.
  • Now use the sync option to sync your iPod with the computer and you will not lose any music files.

There are various other programs that can be used to transfer music from your iPod to any computer that has iTunes running in it. These programs include MediaPilot, Ipod 2 Itunes, iSkysoft SyncPod etc.

The MediaPilot is a software that enables the user to edit, transfer and to backup music between the iPod and the system.

By following the steps given below, we can be able to transfer the songs from iPod to the system and then to Itunes:

  • Connect the iPod to your computer and make sure the manually sync option of music files is set.
  • Run MediaPilot that shows you a screen that has the iPod explorer displaying the contents on your iPod.
  • Select the files that you want to transfer and drag them over the iPod link in MediaPilot display.

Another software iPod 2 iTunes also used to overcome iTune’s drawbacks and allows you copy songs and playlists directly from your iPod to iTunes.

We can use this software by following the steps given below:

  • Connect the iPod to the computer which will launch itunes instantly.
  • Run the iPod 2 iTunes software which shows the contents of iPod on the right side and iTunes on the left side of it.
  • Select the music files in the iPod and then click on the arrow in the display to copy them to the specific iTunes folder.

The iSkysoft SyncPod is also another tool that helps in transferring the songs from iPod to iTunes. We have to first open the iSkysoft SyncPod, click on the music option and then select the files which have to be transferred. Click the iPod to Mac option to start the transfer of the files to the system. Select the destination folder where the files have to be saved and click OK.

Thus by using the above mentioned softwares and following the respective steps, we can be able to transfer the songs from the iPod to the system and hence to iTunes from the system.


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