Saturday, April 17, 2021

Why Should I Make a Budget?

Most people think that they know where their expenses flow and they don’t need to keep a track of those expenses. I throw this challenge to you. Record all your penny expenses for one month and you will be surprised with the total.

Why Should I Make a Budget?

Now multiply that total by 12 for one year and then by 5 to reflect the total for five years. This amount reflects how much you may have saved and fetched interest on in mere five years. Now this is why we all need a budget.

Controlling such expenses that do not affect overall themes of our lives could make us succeed financially. Those penny things do matter. Saving $2 on lunch for five work days a week from counts $10 a week, $40 a month, $480 a year and $2400 for five years plus interests.

These figures represent what I mean. It really is those tiny expenses and without affecting your lunch menu too much you can save those figures from your daily schedule. And that is only one place my friend. Observe carefully and you will find many similar places where you can save a lot by cutting small expenses.

Fix some long and short term goals. It contains no negative answers. If its important to you then its important period.

You want to be capable of making a down payment for a house, go vacation, buy a new car or start college fund for your kids then it is now time for you to manage your financial matters.


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