Saturday, April 17, 2021

Yoga for Anger Management

Yoga for Anger Management

Anger is experienced by most of the people at some time or the other. It is a very powerful and negative emotion that creates vigorous blockages within physical and mental bodies of the individual. Anger management is meant to help individuals in making an effort to understand why they are constantly having anger break outs and help them to find solutions to manage their anger.

Yoga is considered of the most efficient methods to control anger. Knowing the root cause of anger would be helpful while managing anger. Identify the causes that trigger your anger. This helps in managing anger. One should overcome anger since it destroys peace of mind and causes health problems including physical and mental problems. Practicing yoga will definitely help in anger management. You can attend yoga classes as well for anger management.

The conventional remedies for anger management includes: suppression, expression and diversion. Suppression is done by taking deep breaths. Expression is a method carried out in a few places where you will be able to take out your anger, frustration and stress on certain objects either by hitting or throwing object. Diversion method allows you to divert away from the source of anger. But this may result in the return of the anger very soon.

Yoga involves various physical postures and meditation (Pranayama). Controlled breathing has calming effect on the individual. Take a deep breath through nose and exhale from the mouth. Restart with normal breathing after a few minutes. Repeat this process for a few more couple of times. Hold the breath as long as you are physically comfortable. These methods will also teach you the power of forgiveness. Hatha yoga also helps in anger management. Attend yoga classes and learn the yoga poses from a tutor. You will see the difference within a few days.


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